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Alcohol addiction, also commonly referred to as alcoholism, is a major problem sweeping the nation and alcohol addiction rehab centers are designed to help people deal with and overcome the condition. The problem, of course, is that many people do not fully understand alcohol addiction.

In fact, numerous people tend to dismiss alcoholism as merely a weakness of will or character. If you or someone you care about are suffering from an alcohol abuse problem, it is important to get to know more about alcohol addiction as well as how a rehab program can help. That way, you can get yourself or your loved one the best possible care and help to overcome an alcohol abuse problem.

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Understanding Alcoholism

Alcoholism is not what most people assume it to be. It is a diagnosable medical and mental health disorder. This means that it has both physical and mental symptoms and causes. It also indicates that it requires medical treatment and management to be properly dealt with and for a person to successfully overcome and manage their condition in the long term.

Binge Drinking and Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism stems from alcohol abuse, which is the over-consumption or binge drinking of alcohol. For women, binge drinking is anything in excess of three to four alcoholic beverages in one to two hours. For men, the number is a bit higher at 5 or more drinks in a one to two-hour period. Now, the crux is that just because a person binge drinks once in a while, does not mean they are alcoholics.

This is a common misconception and where a lot of people go wrong by trivializing the condition (i.e. joking that somebody who drinks occasionally is an alcoholic). Binge drinking causes reactions in the body and the brain. The chemicals in the alcohol interact with the chemicals in the brain. The more often a person binge drinks, the more their brain and body become used to these chemical interactions.

When a person continues to binge drink because of emotional issues, stress, or for any other reason, their body also begins to crave alcohol and begins to rely on it. This is how binge drinking goes from just something a person does to a sign and a symptom of addiction

Alcoholism and Binge Drinking by the Numbers

In the United States, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Addiction (NIAAA), one of every six adults binge drinks four or more times a month. Such drinking can easily contribute to the high rates of alcoholism in the nation as well. Of adults 18 and older, 15.1 million people in the U.S. have what are known as alcohol abuse disorders.

These numbers do not include those under the age of 18 but there are young people who are also struggling with alcohol abuse and addictions. In 2015, the NIAAA estimated that around 623,000 young adults between the ages of 12 and 17 also suffer from alcohol abuse disorders. And of course, there are some (though far fewer) young people under the age of 12 that also abuse alcohol on a regular basis.

What Goes into Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

Once a person goes from casual drinking or binge drinking to having an alcohol addiction, they will need some form of treatment to overcome their addiction. Many people, even those that do have an addiction, do not understand the importance of alcohol addiction treatment and rehab centers. They think that if and when they want to stop drinking, they can do so on their own.

However, the reality is that overcoming alcoholism is not easy and it requires continued work and a great deal of support from professionals, peers, and loved ones. As previously mentioned, alcohol addictions are composed of both mental and physical addictions. The first type of addiction addressed in treatment is the physical addiction or dependence on alcohol.


This physical addiction is addressed through a process known as detoxification or detox. Detox involves getting the alcohol out of the person's body and system and helping the brain and body to begin to adjust to not getting replenishments of the alcohol that it had become dependent on. Addicts that go through detox must do so at alcohol addiction rehab centers.

Detoxification can be done naturally or a person can go through a medical detox program. Medical detox involves supervision by doctors and nurses as well as the use of prescription medications to help ease the discomfort associated with detox and ensure that a person makes it through without resorting back to alcohol abuse.

Continued Treatment

Once a person is through detox, they can continue treatment for their physical addiction as well as begin treatment for the mental side of their addiction.

Alcohol addiction rehab centers offer numerous treatment options for the mental side of alcoholism including cognitive-behavioral therapy, group therapy, art therapy, family or couples therapy, and even alternative medicine treatments like acupuncture, massage therapy, and hypnotherapy in some cases.

Getting treatment for alcoholism is the only way to overcome an addiction. So, if you or a loved one have an alcohol addiction or alcohol abuse problem of any kind, be sure that you seek out treatment as soon as possible.

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